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Brian Wilson is one of rock and roll's most deeply revered figures.  He is a legendary songwriter, singer, producer, arranger, and concert performer of the most cherished music in our history.  While Brian grew up in Southern California singing songs of the surfing life, Dan lived that surfer life and is an honorary member of the surfing hall of fame. 

Mackin and Wilson owned sailboats across the dock from each other in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Mackin's publisher saw the connection between them and immediately introduced them.  It was an instant success as the two artists made the connection of painting songs on canvas. They did eight songs/images together which are available as Giclees and now for a limited time, five of the collection are available as 'art towels' in the shape of surfboards or traditional rectangles. 

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The Quicksilver Vintage Surf Poster

World-renowned artist famed for painting scenes from his exotic trips in the Caribbean and South Pacific.