World-renowned artist famed for painting scenes from his exotic trips in the Caribbean and South Pacific.

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Mackin started painting surfboards for the National Kidney Foundation of Florida in 1994.  The first one was signed by Kelly Slater, world champion surfer, and musician Jimmy Buffett and auctioned off for $10,000.  After several years, Mackin thought these would be popular as fine art pieces in the galleries.  He researched many surfboard manufactures in Florida and found that the highest quality surfboards are made at the factory of Pro Design Glass in Rockledge, Florida.  Pro Design shapes, fiberglasses and fine sands the boards.  Boards are then sent to Mackin's studio where the images are painted, then shipped back to the factory for several coats of gloss resin, fine sanding and polishing for the finishing touch. Currently, Dan has used the surfboard as his canvas to create his beautiful scenes on over 400 boards.

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